by Radio Europa

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Second album from Radio Europa and our final one in this form. Recorded over an intensive 6 month period TyDbXx is the natural conclusion to Radio Europa's first chapter.


releases August 19, 2017

All music and lyrics by Radio Europa except:

Answers & Original Head: Words/Vocals by Pulco
Josephine: Words/Vocals by Equinox

Album Artwork by Matt Loveridge
Album mastered by Superhand at Malt Barn Studios
Released by Malt Barn Recordings



all rights reserved


Radio Europa Wales, UK

Born out depression, addiction, and a love of the strange. Radio Europa formed around Tangled Parrot Records in Carmarthen desperate to get their diaries heard.

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Track Name: Clickbait Tosh
I write lists for magazines,
Ain't I cool.
I cling on to the 3-chord anchor
Ain't I cool
I drink beer and swing my gut
Ain't I cool
I slam others for their valid views
Ain't I cool.
I court controversy for traffic
Ain't I cool.

I love my clickbait tosh
I love the wind up neck out guff
I will keep going until you've had enough.

I rank albums from worse to best
Ain't I cool
I send my readers to illegal links
Ain't I cool
I post the music of dead artists on youtube against their wishes
Ain't I cool
I write like a child and act not much older
Ain't I cool.
I bully I harass until you bend to my will.
Ain't I cool

I love my clickbait tosh
I love the wind up neck out guff
I will keep going until you've had enough.

I pride myself on my middle-aged faux-angst
Ain't I cool
I was there when punk broke
Ain't I cool
I hate anything that doesn't use a guitar
Ain't I cool
I make starters beg to finish
Ain't I cool
I stick to strong lager and cheap whizz
Ain't I cool
I hate my teammates
Ain't I cool

I love my clickbait tosh
I love the wind up neck out guff
I will keep going until you've had enough.
Track Name: TAK TAK TAK
Bruising sunshine
Gold Teethed fields
Dark rolling bird feed

Choking cloud
Blurred and Frizzy haired prophet
Martyr to mundane breath
Laugh whilst gums spit blood

Full/narrow swigging juice
pull plaster quick/painless
destroy trust with a wink
teeth falling out behind brown pulpit

Tak Tak Tak
Track Name: 6000 Hands
A need as high as your hip
Scribble them out, defecate their memory on
Your smear ink smudge thruth
Raise the drawbridge. batton down the hatches
It's not winter that's coming it's 6000 hands

6000 hands that asked for our grasp and instead
their fingers were snapped and trampled
Bucket of fucks now run out
they say it's our countries finest day

Scooped up in the hands and passed them to smugglers
when they turned them away they ripped out their jugulars
Please plead pray pressure persecuted forgotten
6000 hands clambering for life
Paint their outlook black
Turn them away
No room out of service last stop all exit

Cover them in ver-ba-l
Cover them in verbal
cover them in verbal
lies, we want to see the light go out behind their eyes
6000 hands will claw out your psyche
They will place them on your dreams
For saying no they will choke you
Please please please
Track Name: Ghost In The House
Work them out yourself
Track Name: Cats Whiskers In The Wound